Evolving Organizations into the Future

Our Purpose

Why We Exist

We develop capacities that enable purposeful, powerful, and profitable organizations.

We believe that we are on the verge of an organizational renaissance. A fundamental shift is occurring in how we work  together. Various movements have gained momentum in the recent past and present -  Teal, Agile, Lean, TQM and others, all calling for us to make the same fundamental shifts in how we collaborate.

Organizations are emerging into a new paradigm that represents a coming of age of humanity where the masses are well-informed, well-connected, and ready to take ownership of their own work.  

It is a shift from an organization where few at the top tell others what to do, to one where participants work together side by side, with a posture of learning and humility.  To one where human energy is channeled through informed and voluntary participation, instead of through domination, guilt, and manipulation.

In this new paradigm, the secret to success lies in enabling initiative, innovation, ownership, and utilizing circles of teams to create unity of thought and effort within every person in the organization.

We believe that the overwhelming majority of leaders want to create healthy, thriving, collaborative, and innovative organizations within this new paradigm.  Yet many are stuck in habits of operating from mental models of “what is right” that originated during a time of humanity’s childhood, and in this age inadvertently create internal competition, hinder collaboration, slow innovation, and waste energy and resources.

Organizational pioneers from every region on the planet, have discovered new ways of working, organizing and being, that create work communities of joy, fulfillment, creativity, and true prosperity.  Through their efforts, we are gaining clarity around the key elements, systems, skills, that enable these healthy ecosystems.  We'll bring all of these discoveries to light through our learning programs and change processes. 

We invite you to emerge with us along this exciting journey ahead!


Our Principles


Economic Performance Follows Human Performance

In today’s global and technological age, organizations survive and prosper through continuous innovation.  Innovation is the result of a culture that enables experimentation, initiative, risk taking, and safe expression of unusual and creative ideas. Organizations like Haier, Google, Netflix and others, grow by developing an powerful internal culture of teamwork and creativity. Developing this culture requires intentional and systematic work by top leadership.

Unity and Diversity

All significant leaps of human progress have occurred through the mixing of diverse people - perspectives, cultures, and experiences.  Diversity results in greater creativity and enhanced overall perspective.  It’s critically important then, to listen in, safeguard and honor our different views, encourage diverse contributions, and celebrate our varied strengths.  At the same time, when there is great unity around a vision and direction, anything can be achieved. Therefore, once we listen to and share our diverse views, we often need to sacrifice for the sake of unity, lend our unyielding support, and move forward as one body.

Independent Investigation of Truth

No one of us has the perfect ‘the answer’.  In this quickly changing society, we are all on an uncharted learning journey together, to investigate and align our actions to the best ‘truth’ we can discover. Every person holds this individual responsibility to think for oneself and judge through one’s own and not through the eyes of others.

Shared Prosperity

Our success and failure is interconnected and inextricably linked. We cannot disadvantage a few without eventual repercussions to the whole. Thus, distribution of compensation and our internal structures need to be designed in a way that supports social justice and shared prosperity amongst its members, enabling all to become owners of the enterprise and contribute unequivocally to its success. 


With an attitude of abundance, we believe that there is enough for everyone.  When we believe in abundance, we develop, encourage, and lift those around us.  Successes of others bring us true joy.  When we have the opposite worldview of scarcity, we become fearful that the progress of others will hurt our own progress. A scarcity mindset encourages us to put others down, so that we might get ahead, while an abundance mindset generates win-win relationships and collaboration.