Evolving Organizations into the Future

About Us

Our Experience

Building off of 30+ years experience implementing self-management systems, whole systems architecture, designing and facilitating organization transformation and leadership programs, we are eager to share our passion with others. With over 10 years experience in the China region, we are especially excited to contribute to developing the tremendous capacity of this country of the future.

Our Approach

Our service includes an assessment to identify your strengths, gaps, and desired future. We also provide personalized consultation, coaching and guidance, including a roadmap with timelines and milestones, and a suite of quality products to help you get there.  And most importantly, we’ll accompany you in effectively sensing and responding to new needs along the way.

Why Us?

Our holistic top down and bottom up approach strengthens your organization’s DNA, yielding sustainable culture change and business results. 

All too often, change efforts fail because they solve only one piece of the problem.  A top down approach that seeks transformation by changing organizational systems, rarely works because it is met with heavy resistance. Habits, behaviors, and beliefs remain unchanged and all work together to counter the effort.

A bottom up approach that strives to create change through personal transformation alone, also results in frustration, as individuals want to change and implement their new skills, but are stuck operating within inhibitive systems and structures.