We empower evolving enterprises

We empower evolving enterprises

We empower evolving enterprisesWe empower evolving enterprises

We facilitate the emergence of organizations into our future paradigm of work.

Personal & Organizational Transformation Programs

Evolutionary Personal & Leadership Development


We develop capacities for people and leaders to thrive in our emerging future.  These programs build capacities to create  a powerful culture of participation, responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Self-Managing Teams Series


This series is customised to build collective habits and skills needed for self-management.  Through action learning workshops, teams become innovative, agile, and skilled in continuously improving their area of the organization. Series includes: Our Purpose and Practices; Roles & Results; Decision-Making Practices and Agreements; Our Customer & Scorecard; Agile Meetings Practices, and more.

Organization Transformation Workshops & Consulting


Unleash your collective intelligence and co-create your future. Through facilitated processes, leadership coaching, and consultation, we help you clarify your organization’s purpose; Assess where you are right now on the path and create a vision around where you will be.  Explore new forms of organizational design, and sketch out possibilities for self-management and other decentralized forms of governance. We'll create a roadmap to bring your culture & capabilities to the next level.